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Steve Rummel


| 303-384-6287

Steve Rummel has worked at NREL for nearly 35 years, starting out when NREL was known as the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI). His work has covered a number of different research areas, but the past 29 years he has been involved in the electrical performance measurements of photovoltaic devices. He was hired in 1979 as a T2 electronic technician to support the resource assessment group. He has also supported the wind group, the Citation car project, and metrology. Rummel currently performs and analyzes electrical (IV) measurements and compiles reports on the performance of photovoltaic modules. He is an expert on NREL's Large Area Continuous Solar Simulator, NREL's Standard Outdoors Measurement System, and the Spire 5600SLP solar simulator. Rummel served for many years as the solar array inspector for the DOE American Solar Challenge and on a number of safety committees. Rummel earned his certificate of automotive technology at the Lincoln Technical Institute, in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1976. He received his associate's degree in electronic engineering technology from the DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1979.

Featured Work

S. Rummel, S.A. Anderberg, and K. Emery, "Results from the Second International Module Intercomparison," Proc. Solar Energies Technologies Review Meeting Nov. 7-10, 2005, NREL tech. rep. DOE/GO-102006-2245, March 2006.

Keith Emery, Allan Anderberg, Mark Campanelli, Paul Ciszek, Charles Mack, Tom Moriarty, Carl Osterwald, Larry Ottoson, Steve Rummel, and Rafell Williams, "Rating Photovoltaics" 39th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, Tampa Bay, Florida, June 16-21, 2013.

J.A. del Cueto, C.A. Deline, D.S. Albin, S.R. Rummel, A. Anderberg, "Striving for a standard protocol for preconditioning or stabilization of polycrystalline thin film photovoltaic modules," SPIE 2009 Conference, 2009 San Diego, CA.

Steve Rummel, Keith Emery, Halden Field, Tom Moriarty, Allan Anderberg, Don Dunlavy, and Larry Ottoson, "PV Cell and Module Performance Measurement Capabilities at NREL," proc. 15th NCPV Program Review meeting, Denver, CO, September 8-11, 1998.

K. A. Emery, C.R. Osterwald, S. Rummel, D.R. Myers, T.L. Stoffel, and D. Waddington, "A Comparison of Photovoltaic Calibration Methods," Proc. 9th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conf., Freiburg, W. Germany, September 25-29, 1989, pp. 648-651.

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