Sertaç Akar has over 14 years of professional experience in the fields of geology, geothermal energy, resource exploration and production, drilling and well testing, reservoir modeling, geographical information systems (GIS), remote sensing, energy economics and forecasting, project management, and techno‐economic feasibility and cost analysis. He built his international career in Turkey, Cyprus, the Netherlands, and the United States. He has worked in different positions as a researcher, engineer, analyst, and project manager. Akar joined NREL in 2014 and is a member of the Distributed Systems and Storage Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center. His diverse background in science and engineering enhances his capabilities in multidisciplinary projects and liaisons with team members.

Research Interests

Geothermal Energy (exploration, resource assessment, subsurface modeling, drilling, and production)

Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis

Distributed Systems and Energy Storage

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Industrial Process Heat

Water Desalinization

Hybrid Systems


M.Sc., Geological Engineering, METU, 2007, Ankara, Turkey

P.S., GIS and Remote Sensing, ITC, University of Twente, 2007, Enschede, The Netherlands

B.S., Geological Engineering, METU, 2004, Ankara, Turkey

Featured Work

Akar S., Augustine C., Kurup P., Mann M., 2017, Global Value Chain and Manufacturing Analysis on Geothermal Power Plant Turbines, GRC Transactions, Vol. 41, pp. 2384‐2400

Akar S., Turchi C., 2016, Low Temperature Geothermal Resource Assessment for Membrane

Distillation Desalination in the United States, GRC Transactions, Vol. 40, pp. 129‐140

Akar S., Young K. R., 2015, Assessment of New Approaches in Geothermal Exploration Decision Making, 40th Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Akar S., Atalay O., Kuyumcu Ö. Ç., Solaroğlu D. U., Çolpan B., Arzuman S., 2011, 3D Subsurface Modeling of Gumuskoy Geothermal Area, Aydın, Turkey, GRC Transactions, Vol. 35, pp. 669‐676

Akar S., Süzen M., L., Kaymakci N., 2011, Detection and object‐based classification of offshore oil slicks using ENVISAT‐ASAR images, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, vol. 183 pp.409–423.

Ediger V. Ş., Akar S., 2007, ARIMA forecasting of primary energy demand by fuel in Turkey, Energy Policy vol: 35 pp: 1701‐1708.

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