Scott Wilde

Flatirons Campus Research Operations Manager


Scott began his career at NREL in 1997 when NREL purchased two Westinghouse wind turbines to install and test at the NWTC. He is now the Technical Operations Manager at the NWTC. Scott has worked as a supervisor in the wind business since 1988. He has experience with many different styles of wind turbines and has led large crews on hoisting and rigging activities and operations and maintenance activities. Scott installed over 500 wind turbines and complete wind plants in Palm Springs, Altamont, and Tehachapi, California. He spent four years in Hawaii retrofitting the Westinghouse 600-kW wind turbines on the North Shore of Oahu and brought the Mod 5 3.2 MW wind turbine back to life. At the time, the Mod 5 was the largest running wind turbine and was featured in the Guinness Book of World records for size and production. Scott is a U.S. Marine Corps noncommissioned officer and master electrician.


Master Electrician; Commercial Electrical Inspector