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Scott Lambert

Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering


Scott has worked as a test engineer conducting research and development (R&D) at NREL since June of 2009. His experience includes dynamometer testing of wind turbine drivetrains, laboratory validation of waterpower devices, and static and fatigue testing of composite wind blades. Scott works with the dynamometer, wind blade, grid integration, waterpower, and composite manufacturing testing teams performing mechanical component design, test specimen interface design, and instrumentation selection.

Research Interests

Machine design

Structural mechanics

Design for manufacturability

Composites technology


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado

B.S., Industrial Technology, Western Washington University

Featured Work

Theoretical and Experimental Study on Gear-Coupling Contact and Loads Considering Misalignment, Torque, and Friction Influences, Mechanism and Machine Theory (2016)

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Base Excitation Testing System Using Spring Elements to Pivotally Mount Wind Turbine Blades, U.S. Patent No. 8,601,878 B2 (2013)