Scott Jenne

Dale Jenne

Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering

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Dale "Scott" Jenne joined NREL in 2010 and has been leading NREL’s marine energy techno-economic analysis portfolio since 2015. His work covers a suite of analysis and design activities to evaluate the economic feasibility of new and existing technologies. Specifically, his work covers analytical and numerical analysis of structural designs, design of PTO’s and drivetrains for wave energy systems, system and component design and analysis of desalination systems, as well as mechanical design of non-utility power generating systems. His work in design and analysis is aimed to understand and quantify the trade-offs between device performance and economic feasibility of marine energy systems.

Areas of Expertise

Techno-Economic Analysis

Mechanical design

3D modeling/CAD

Finite element analysis

Wave energy conversion

Thermal power cycle analysis

Research Interests

Wave powered desalination systems

Advanced structural designs and materials for marine energy

Powering of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Cost reduction pathways for marine energy systems


M.S., Mechanical Systems Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Arizona State University

Prior Work Experience

Thermochemical Conversion RPP, NREL National Bioenergy Center, Golden, CO

Featured Publications

Numerical Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of a Wave-Powered Reverse-Osmosis SystemJournal of Marine Science and Engineering (2018)

Numerical Analysis on Hydraulic Power Take-Off for Wave Energy Converter and Power Smoothing Methods, International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (2018)

Powering the Blue Economy: Exploring Opportunities for Marine Renewable Energy in Maritime Markets, DOE Technical Report (2019)

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