Saikrishna Mukkamala

Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering


Sai Krishna Mukkamala is a member of the Industrial Systems and Fuels Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Areas of Expertise

Systems integration
Objective analysis to inform decisions for BETO office
Program management, planning and strategic execution
Scale up and process development
Techno-economic analysis
Bioenergy supply chain and market analysis
Process design (front end engineering), process simulation and optimization.
Catalyst development for biomass conversion to fuels and products
Fast pyrolysis and thermal conversion of biomass to fuels

Research Interests

Evaluation and benchmarking of new renewable technologies
Process design and economic analysis
Process optimization, scale-up and integration
Bioenergy supply chains and bioenergy feedstocks market dynamics
Fast Pyrolysis and Catalytic Upgrading of bio derived intermediates
Production of fuels and chemicals from thermochemical, biochemical pathways
Bio product and fuel characterization


M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Maine
B.S. Chemical Engineering, JNTU-India

Featured Work

S. Mukkamala, M.C. Wheeler, A.R.P. van Heiningen, W.J. DeSisto. Formate-assisted fast pyrolysis of lignin Energy Fuels, 26 (2) (2012), pp. 1380–1384

W.J. DeSisto, N. Hill, S.H. Beis, S. Mukkamala, J. Joseph, C. Baker, T.H. Ong, E.A. Stemmler, M.C. Wheeler, B.G. Frederick, A. van Heiningen. Fast pyrolysis of pine sawdust in a fluidized-bed reactor Energy Fuels, 24 (2010), pp. 2642–2651

Beis, S. H.; Mukkamala, S.; Hill, N.; Joseph, J.; Baker, C.; Jensen, B.; Stemmler, E. A.; Wheeler, M. C.; Frederick, B. G.; van Heiningen, A.; Berg, A. G.; DeSisto, W. J. Fast pyrolysis of lignins. BioResources 2010, 5, 1408–1424

Joseph, J.; Baker, C.; Mukkamala, S.; Beis, S.; Wheeler, M. C.; DeSisto, W. J.; Jensen, B.; Frederick, B. G. Chemical shifts and lifetimes for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis of bio-fuels. Energy Fuels 2010, 24, 5153–5162