Paul Todd's research at NREL focuses on the synthesis and characterization of functional inorganic materials for computing and battery applications. Specifically, he is working towards the synthesis of metastable metal nitrides through bulk solid-state synthesis methods and developing new equipment to carry out these experiments. His background is in solid-state chemistry with an emphasis in characterizing kinetic pathways using synchrotron X-ray diffraction.

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Research Interests

X-ray diffraction and thermodiffraction

Non-equilibrium and metastable materials

Solid-state battery materials


Ph.D., Chemistry, Colorado State University

B.A., Chemistry, Colorado College

Professional Experience

Graduate Research Assistant, Colorado State University (2015-2020)

Paraprofessional, Colorado College (2014-2015)

Featured Work

Selective Formation of Yttrium Manganese Oxides through Kinetically Competent Assisted Metathesis Reactions, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019)

Kinetically Controlled Low-Temperature Solid-State Metathesis of Manganese Nitride Mn3N2, Chemistry of Materials (2019)

Yttrium Manganese Oxide Phase Stability and Selectivity Using Lithium Carbonate Assisted Metathesis Reactions, Inorganic Chemistry (2020)

Catalytic Behavior of Hexaphenyldisiloxane in the Synthesis of Pyrite FeS2, Chemical Communications (2020)