Nathan’s research and work concentration is in energy system and power system planning with a focus on generation and transmission systems. Nathan is a postdoctoral researcher with the Integrated Decision Support group and is interested in applying research internationally to support energy strategy formation in developing economies.

Nathan’s doctoral research focused on developing a multi-criteria decision assessment methodology for national energy planning activities in developing countries, focusing on energy access, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. The Economic Community of West African States, with an emphasis on Ghana, was used as a representative area of study for this work.

Research Interests

Energy system and strategy analysis, planning, and modeling

Decision support methodologies and energy strategies

Energy strategy development and impacts on security of supply, the global climate, the environment, and society

Power system planning with a focus on generation and transmission systems

International applications of energy system planning to support sustainable economic growth in developing countries


Ph.D. and Diploma of Advanced Studies (M.S. equivalent) in Sustainable Energy Systems, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal

B.S., Engineering Physics, Miami University of Ohio

Featured Work

A review of energy planning practices of members of the Economic Community of West African StatesRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2014)

Energy planning indicators in the Economic Community of West African States. IAIA12 Conference Proceedings, International Association for Impact Assessment: IAIA12 – Energy Future (2012)

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