Myles Steiner is a senior scientist working primarily on III-V multijunction solar cells for photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic applications and for hydrogen and other solar fuels production via photoelectrochemical water splitting. He has worked on enhanced photon recycling and luminescent coupling in multijunction cells, growth and ordering of lattice-mismatched GaInP and GaInAs solar cells, mechanical stacking and lateral spectrum splitting multijunction designs, and the design and measurement of solar cells at elevated operating temperatures. He completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, followed by a master’s degree and doctorate in applied physics at Stanford University, where he studied superconductor-insulator phase transitions in homogenously disordered superconductors.

Research Interests

High-efficiency III-V solar cell architectures

Growth on low-cost substrates

Thermophotovoltaic cells

Photoelectrochemical generation of solar fuels


Ph.D., Applied Physics, Stanford University

M.S., Applied Physics, Stanford University

B.Sc., Engineering Physics, Queen’s University

Featured Work

Triple-Junction Solar Cells With 39.5% Terrestrial and 34.2% Space Efficiency Enabled by Thick Quantum Well Superlattices, Joule (2022)

Thermophotovoltaic Efficiency of 40%, Nature (2022)

Semiconductor-Dielectric-Metal Solar Absorbers With High Spectral Selectivity, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells (2022)

Efficient Light Trapping in Ultrathin Gaas Solar Cells Using Quasirandom Photonic Crystals, Nano Energy (2022)

High Efficiency Inverted GaAs and GaInP/GaAs Solar Cells With Strain-Balanced GaInAs/GaAsP Quantum Wells, Advanced Energy Materials (2020)

Six-Junction III–V Solar Cells With 47.1% Conversion Efficiency Under 143 Suns Concentration, Nature Energy (2020)

Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Using Strain-Balanced Multiple Quantum Well Photovoltaic Cells, Sustainable Energy and Fuels (2019)

(Al)GaInP/GaAs Tandem Solar Cells for Power Conversion at Elevated Temperature and High Concentration, Journal of Photovoltaics (2018)

Direct Solar-to-Hydrogen Conversion via Inverted Metamorphic Multijunction Semiconductor Architectures, Nature Energy (2017)

Optical Enhancement of the Open-Circuit Voltage in High Quality Gaas Solar Cells,” Journal of Applied Physics (2013)

Awards and Honors

U.S. Department of Energy Team Merit Award (2017)