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Michael Rossol

Michael Rossol

Researcher IV-Data Science


Michael Rossol is a member of the Data Analysis Tools and Applications (DATA) group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center (SEAC). He is the data lead for the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) and Wind Integration National Dataset (WIND Toolkit). His work is focused on creating, managing, and distributing (internally and externally) NREL's state-of-the-art renewable resource data. This includes collaborations with the HDF Group and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make the NSRDB and WIND Toolkit available to the public via AWS’s Public Datasets Program. He is also a lead python developer within SEAC and is heading up the development of the Renewable Energy Potential Model (reV), the NSRDB data pipeline, and the WIND Toolkit data pipeline. He is currently expanding his expertise into cloud computing and AI through new ventures with Google and new machine-learning focused projects.

Research Interests

Renewable resource data
Spatiotemporal data
Big data
Parallel and high-performance computing
Data engineering
Cloud computing
AI and machine learning


Ph.D. in Materials, University of California Santa Barbara
B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington

Professional Experience

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Sottos Group, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL 2015-2016

Featured Work

Michael T. Craig, Ignacio Losada Carreno, Michael Rossol, Bri-Mathias Hodge, Carlo Brancucci.   Effects on Power System Operations of Potential Changes in Wind and Solar Generation Potential under Climate Change. Article No. 034014. Environmental Research Letters, Vol. 14 (2019): 11 pp.

Kimberly S. Wolske, Annika Todd, Michael Rossol, James McCall, Benjamin Sigrin.  Accelerating Demand for Residential Solar Photovoltaics: Can Simple Framing Strategies Increase Consumer Interest? Global Environmental Change, Vol. 53 (2018): pp. 68-77.

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