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Mark Ruth

Group Manager III-Environmental Science

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Mark Ruth is the group manager for the Industrial Systems and Fuels group in NREL's Strategic Energy Analysis Center. He leads analysis projects focused on the interface between energy sectors including electricity and industry. His current interests include the H2@Scale concept, which focuses on the potential for hydrogen as an interface with inherent storage between electricity and industry and transportation; the potential for industrial combined heat and power systems to provide grid support; and financial opportunities of tightly coupled nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems. He has been at NREL for 25 years, where he has also been involved in bioenergy, hydrogen, and distributed energy technology analysis and development.

Areas of Expertise

Energy systems and their simulation

Biomass processing to fuels and chemicals

Hydrogen production and delivery

Transportation issues

Research Interests

Mark's key focus is to develop a tool to analyze energy systems integration (ESI) concepts, especially those that link forms of energy (e.g., electricity and thermal, electricity and transportation). He is a leader in the H2@Scale concept and estimating the value of combined heat and power to the grid. He is also interested in metrics and methods necessary to consider benefits beyond financial metrics. Those benefits include reliability, resilience, and adaptability. 


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder

Prior Work Experience

Energy Systems Integration Lead Analyst (November 2013–March 2015)

Hydrogen Program Integrator, NREL Systems Engineering and Program Integration Office (October 2008–November 2013)

Interim Biomass Program Integrator, NREL Systems Engineering and Program Integration (March 2010–October 2010)

Senior Engineer II, NREL Systems Integration (January 2008–October 2008)

Senior Engineer I Macro-System Model, NREL Systems Integration (January 2005–January 2008)

Process Engineer I, NREL Biomass Center (June 1993–January 2005)

Other Affiliations

American Institute of Chemical Engineering

Featured Publications

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulations for Smart Grid Impact Studies, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2018)

The Use of Statistically Based Rolling Supply Curves for Electricity Market Analysis: A Preliminary Look, NREL Technical Report (2018)

Impacts of Using Distributed Energy Resources to Reduce Peak Loads in Vermont, NREL Technical Report (2017)

Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of a Distribution System with Air Conditioners under Model Predictive Control, 2017 Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2017)

The Economic Potential of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems Producing Hydrogen, NREL Technical Report (2017)

Generation and Use of Thermal Energy in the U.S. Industrial Sector and Opportunities to Reduce its Carbon Emissions, NREL Technical Report (2016)

Transactive Home Energy Management Systems: The Impact of Their Proliferation on the Electric Grid, IEEE Electrification Magazine (2016)

Genome-wide association study reveals putative regulators of bioenergy traits in Populus deltoides, New Phytologist (2016)

The Economic Potential of Two Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems, NREL Technical Report (2016)

A System-of-Systems Approach for Integrated Energy Systems Modeling and Simulation, Society for Modeling & Simulation (2015)

Effects of Home Energy Management Systems on Distribution Utilities and Feeders under Various Market Structures, 23rd International Conference on Electricity Distribution (2015)

Rethinking the Future Grid: Integrated Nuclear Renewable Energy Systems, 9th Nuclear Plants Current Issues Symposium (2014)

Nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems: Opportunities, interconnections, and needs, Energy Conversion and Management (2014)


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Awards and Honors

U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program Award, H2@Scale (2018)