Mark Murphy

Research Technician VI-Operate


Mari has been a research lead technician for 10+ years at NREL, including 6 years as NREL's Flatirons Campus high-angle evacuation and rescue instructor. He has worked as a technician in both mechanical and electrical disciplines for 20+ years. Throughout his career, he has assisted EHS in writing safe operating procedures, equipment-specific procedures, lockout/tagout, and other safety controls.

Research Interests

General and transport category aircraft and aviation technologies

Meteorological towers and instrumentation, including high-angle work, infrastructure build out and data acquisition

Wind power R&D, including supervisory control and data acquisition as a testing operator and system troubleshooter, data acquisition, and system integration

Marine hydrokenetic energy, including hydropower, tidal and wave energy converters, and MET-OCEAN instrumentation


B.S., Business, University of Phoenix, 2007

Aviation Maintenance Management, Metropolitan State College, 2004

Airframe and Powerplant Technology, Emily Griffith Opportunity School

Professional Experience

Authorized Trainer, SafetyOne, Safety & Rescue Training, NREL (2016–Present)

Awards and Honors

Three NREL Presidents Awards and a Team of the Month Award

Bronze Award 2008, Silver Award 2007 & 2005, Gold Award 2004, Diamond Award 2002 & 2001, Ruby Award 2000, Federal Aviation Administration

Letter of Appreciation, Federal Aviation Administration, 2006