Mark Jacobson

Project Manager IV-Research


Mark joined NREL in 2013. Mark's work in the Integrated Applications Center of NREL is focused in two primary areas; international assistance via renewable resource assessments and developing capacity building strategies, and identifying both RE opportunities and developing solutions within the Department of Defense. 

Mark has led the Wind Resource Mapping effort in Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan and a wind market research project in Brazil. He has also supported various capacity building efforts in Central Asia. Currently, he is managing a large contract with the U.S. Air Force which provides technical assistance in energy procurement strategies as well as performing resiliency assessments. Additionally, he was the project manager of a successful Offshore Wind demonstration proposal for DOE. He has supported and led wind educational initiatives such as the Wind for Schools program which provides RE programming and curricula support for over 140 schools across 12 U.S. states. 

Prior to joining NREL, Mark’s career spanned a diverse background of energy positions from energy efficiency program development for large commercial and industrial customers, to transmission and interconnection queue management to natural gas fired electric generation development to utility scale wind & solar energy development. With over 15 years in energy development, he has developed expertise in energy plant siting, interconnection queue management, stakeholder engagement strategies, permitting, project pro forma development, power marketing and contracting. Lastly, he has led and/or supported various renewable legislative lobbying efforts within the Midwest and Western states. Mark has been responsible for over 1,200 megawatts of generation projects built, primarily wind.


M.B.A., Ball State University

B.S., Physics, Ball State University