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Lee Jay Fingersh

Researcher V-Electrical Engineering

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Lee Jay joined NREL in 1993. For seven years, he was the test engineer on the Unsteady Aerodynamics Experiment turbine, which culminated in the NASA Ames wind tunnel test. Lee has worked on the design and controls for the variable-speed test bed and administered many experiments. In addition, Lee was an integral part of the team that designed the 2.5-MW dynamometer currently in use at the NWTC. Lee has written papers on wind, hydrogen, and battery integration. He has worked on the Controls Advanced Research Turbines (CART), including writing the control systems specifications and developing the three-bladed CART turbine. Lee has supported many industry projects including blade tests, dynamometer tests, and full-system developments for GE, the Wind Turbine Company, Clipper, Southwest Windpower, and Windward. Lee has served as a founding member and judge for the Collegiate Wind Competition. Most recently, Lee has worked on distributed wind and wave energy.

Research Interests

Power Electronics
Electric Machines
Data Acquisition
Data Processing
Field Testing


M.S. in Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder