Research Interests

Kim Magrini is a principal research scientist and group manager in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) National Bioenergy Center (NBC). She manages NREL's Catalysis and Thermochemical Sciences Group, which focuses on the development of catalytic approaches to biofuels production from syngas and pyrolysis. She has 25 years of research and management experience in academic, industrial, and national laboratory environments and has more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, 1 patent, and 110 presentations at national and international meetings. Her research areas include catalyst development for syngas conditioning, hydrogen production, thermochemical fuels and chemicals production from pyrolysis liquids and vapors, power production, and rapid comprehensive characterization of soils and chars using pyrolysis molecular beam mass spectrometry. She is currently leading a team to produce hydrocarbon fuels via catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors using a Davison Circulating Riser (DCR) reactor system. When not at NREL she can be found flying her Piper Turbo Arrow around Colorado.

  • Developing and validating catalysts for biofuels production from pyrolysis and gasification routes

  • Vapor phase upgrading of pyrolysis species to fuels using a DCR system

  • Syngas cleaning for fuels and power production

  • Bio-based product development

  • Hydrogen and hydrocarbon production from biorefinery waste streams

  • Pyrolysis product analysis using two-dimensional spectroscopy

  • Photocatalyst development for environmental applications

  • Materials characterization using surface analyses and scanning microscopy

  • Multivariate statistical analysis applications to analytical characterization

  • Developing char-based soil amendments

  • Soil carbon and char analysis via molecular beam mass spectrometry

Figure of NREL's pyrolyzer/Davison Circulating Riser (DCR) comprised of the biomass pyrolyzer on the left and the three reactors of the DCR unit, which makes hydrocarbon fuels from the biomass pyrolysis vapors. Above the system schematic is a process diagram that shows how biomass feedstock moves through the pyrolyzer to make vapors that are fed into the DCR reactors. Liquid products are collected in a product tank located under the DCR stripper reactor.

Figure 1. Schematic of NREL's pyrolyzer and Davison Circulating Riser (DCR) for upgrading biomass pyrolysis vapors to hydrocarbon fuels and chemical products

Figure of bright red, green, yellow, blue, and dark blue splashes on a bright blue background, with pink, blue, and yellow lines undulating from left to right. The figure shows a chromatogram of the DCR products that are analyzed with a two-dimensional gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer system. The product types are shown in similar colored areas: green and red are paraffins, yellow is 3-ring aromatics, red only is 1-ring aromatics, pink is phenolics, dark blue is 2-ring naphthalenes, and blue represents 2-ring aromatics.

Figure 2. Two-dimensional GCTOFS analysis of DCR-produced hydrocarbon fuels

Areas of Expertise

  • Instrumentation

    • Large-scale heterogeneous catalyst preparation

    • Comprehensive materials characterization (catalysts, metals)

    • Catalyst characterization using microactivity test (MAT) systems

    • Molecular beam mass spectrometry (MBMS)

    • Analytical pyrolysis

  • Surface analysis (scanning electron microscopy/ energy dispersive spectroscopy [SEM/EDS], x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy [XPS] and Auger coupled with depth profiling, Fourier transform infrared [FTIR])

    • Rapid soil carbon analysis using analytical pyrolysis MBMS

    • On-line process gas analysis (gas chromatograpy [GC], MBMS)

    • Biomass and fuels analysis (2D GCxGC time-of-flight mass spectrometer [TOFMS])

    • Coupled analyses (temperature-programmed reaction mass spectroscopy [TPR/MS], thermogravimetric analysis/differential scanning calorimetry/Fourier transform infrared [TGA/DSC/FTIR])

  • Methods/Software

    • Camo Unscrambler-multivariate analysis software

    • MATLAB

    • Honeywell System Control software


  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1984–1989

  • M.S., Physical Chemistry, Youngstown State University, 19801982

  • B.S., Chemistry/Mathematics, University of Nevada at Reno, 19761980

Professional Experience

  • Principal Scientist and Manager, NREL, Catalysis and Thermochemical Sciences Group, 2011present

  • Principal Scientist, NREL, 20102011

  • Senior Supervisor II, NREL, Thermochemical Sciences Group, 20082010

  • Senior Chemist II, NREL, 20022008

  • Senior Chemist I, NREL, 19952002

  • Staff Chemist, NREL, 19891995

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Solar Energy Research Institute, 19881989

  • Metallurgy Laboratory Manager, Hunt Steel Corporation, 19821983

  • Chemistry Department Lecturer, Youngstown State University, 19821983

  • Analytical Chemist, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, 19811982


  1. "Attrition resistant fluidizable reforming catalyst," U.S. Patent No. 7,915,196 (2011)

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