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Karlynn Cory

Group Manager - Project Development & Finance


Karlynn Cory is the Group Manager for Project Development & Finance in the Integrated Applications Center at NREL. The mission of the Group is to inform the direction of future technology and policy research at NREL by helping clients meet ambitious energy goals in today’s marketplace. The Group partners with government agencies, utilities, and private sector decision-makers to develop resilient energy strategies, conduct techno-economic analyses, and identify effective project development pathways. The Group provides analytical support, business case assessment, and market intelligence on energy efficiency, resiliency, and renewable energy options to inform client decision making.

Research Interests

Clean energy project financing

Renewable energy techno-economic analysis

Distributed generation impact on T&D systems

Utility strategy and business models

Renewable energy program development

Renewable energy market potential

Power market analysis

Utility integrated resource planning


M.S., Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1998

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, Medford, MA, 1994

Featured Work

“Planning the Distributed Energy Future: Volume II A Case Study of Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Planning by Sacramento Municipal Utility District,” Smart Electric Power Alliance Beyond the Meter series, May 2017.

Value of Solar: Program Design and Implementation Considerations, NREL Technical Report, 2015

2015 Annual Technology Baseline (Including Supporting Data), NREL Presentation, 2015

"Informing Electricity Systems of the Future: Key Analysis Needs", Electricity Journal Vol. 27 (9) November 2014


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