Photo of Judy Netter

Judy Netter

Researcher III NEX-Mechanical Engineering


Judy joined the NREL staff in 1994. Judy is part of the Concentrating Solar (CSP) team and is the primary contact and operator for NREL's High-Flux Solar Furnace, a 10kW solar concentrator. Her expertise involves the design and fabrication of prototype experimental equipment along with the programs and controls. CSP-related projects include the design of experiments and test equipment for characterizing solar collectors, concentrators, and receivers for parabolic troughs, on-sun tests for solar thermochemical reactions (primarily hydrogen production), and recently Solar Power Tower Receiver design. She has also designed multiple secondary concentrators for the Solar Furnace, along with cooling chambers and multiple accelerated weathering chambers for testing the degradation of polymer coatings.

Since joining NREL, Judy has been heavily involved with design and testing in a wide variety of areas, including the condensation of mixed working fluids for geothermal technology; lifetime durability testing of electrochromic windows, thin films, photovoltaic cells, and polymers; thermal management of power electronics as it relates to hybrid vehicles; photocatalysis; and building technologies.


B.S., Engineering Technology, St. Cloud State University