Upon completion of his BSME degree from Purdue University in 2018, Jeffrey was accepted into the Department of Energy’s Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) program at NREL. As an intern, he works in the Thermal Sciences Group on the development of a planning tool for an energy dispatch controller for fuel cell integration with a building for CHP purposes. The controller will optimize electricity production, heat supply, and combined battery and thermal storage for advantageous shifts in the timing of grid supply and demand. Prior to NREL, he developed his passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies while researching and studying in Sweden at KTH: The Royal Institute of Technology in 2017. At the Department of Energy Technology at KTH, Jeffrey developed a smart controller that accounted for live weather and solar radiation data to optimize energy efficiency for a residential building fitted with both solar and borehole water heating capabilities.


BS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University 2018

MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado — Boulder 2020