Harvey Guthrey joined NREL in 2013 after completing his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the Colorado School of Mines. As a researcher in the Analytical Microscopy group, he focuses on developing and applying advanced electron-microscopy-based characterization techniques to the study of photovoltaics and energy-storage materials.

Research Interests

Combining structural and chemical characterization techniques to connect device-level performance with micro- and nanoscale phenomena in energy materials

Charge-carrier recombination analysis that connects experimental results with theoretical explanations for semiconducting materials


B.S., Physics, University of North Texas, 2008

M.S., Materials Science, Colorado School of Mines, 2011

Ph.D., Materials Science, Colorado School of Mines, 2013

Featured Work

Spatial luminescence imaging of dopant incorporation in CdTe films,” Journal of Applied Physics (2017)

"Three-dimensional minority-carrier collection channels at shunt locations in silicon solar cells," Solar Energy (2016)