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Emily Raulerson

Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry

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Emily Raulerson came to NREL in 2020 as a graduate student through the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program to work with Nathan Neale on the study of silicon nanocrystal functionalization through spectroelectrochemical and ultrafast spectroscopic methods. Since completing her doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in 2021, she has worked as a postdoctoral researcher under Matthew Beard. She works on a variety of projects in energy conversion in light-harvesting and light-emitting materials. She is interested in the development of spectroscopic and electrochemical tools to probe these materials. 

Her doctoral work was focused on designing and probing the interface of inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals and molecular dyes. She trained as both a materials chemist and ultrafast spectroscopist under Sean Roberts at the University of Texas and Nathan Neale at NREL.  

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Research Interests

Energy conversion 

Ultrafast spectroscopy 



Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin 

B.Sc., Chemistry, Florida State University 

B.Sc., Applied Mathematics, Florida State University 

Professional Experience

President, Council of Graduate Chemists, University of Texas (2018–2019)

Visiting Researcher, Kyushu University (2019) 

Featured Work

Achieving Spin-Triplet Exciton Transfer Between Silicon and Molecular Acceptors for Photon UpconversionNature Chemistry (2020) 

Surface States Mediate Triplet Energy Transfer in Nanocrystal–Acene Composite Systems, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018)

Awards and Honors

Paul F. Barbara Endowed Fellowship for Student Excellence in Nanoscience, University of Texas (2021) 

Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program, NREL/University of Texas (2020)