Photo of David Rager

David Rager

Chief Cloud Technologist


David Rager is the chief cloud technologist in the Computational Sciences Center at NREL. David has an extensive background in the architecture and development of cloud platforms and applications, data processing and storage systems, web development, and software development. David is a specialist in cloud computing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform who assists researchers and analysts with the adoption of cloud computing services to help reduce or eliminate the technical obstacles to successfully complete their research.

Research Interests

Large-scale hybrid and cloud computing

Big data analysis support

Controlling human sources of greenhouse gases


M.S., Information Technology, Colorado Technical University

M.S., Business Administration, Colorado Technical University 

B.A., International Affairs, University of Colorado Boulder 

Certified Database Manager, Colorado Technical University

Other certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • Developer
  • Machine Learning Specialty
  • Data Analytics Specialty
  • Database Specialty

Featured Work

NREL Stratus – Enabling Workflows to Fuse Data Streams, Modeling, Simulation and Machine Learning, Smoky Mountains Computational Sciences and Engineering Conference (2022)


System and Method for Automatically Evaluating Contributor Performance, U.S. Patent No. 13/315,924 (2011)