Photo of Chris Golubieski

Chris Golubieski

Research Technician V-Build


Two technicians sit in a control room, looking at four computre monitors.

NREL’s Thermal and Catalytic Process Development Unit (TCPDU) can process 1/2 ton per day of biomass via fast pyrolysis or steam gasification. As one of the pilot plant operators, Chris Golubieski reviews the data points in the TCPDU control room.

Areas of Expertise

  • Instrumentation

  • Soldering

  • Electrical (AC and DC)

  • Rigging and fall protection

  • AutoCAD and SolidWorks


  • B.A., Geology, Miami University, 1997

  • B.S., Aeronautics/Meteorology, Miami University, 1997

Professional Experience

  • Electro/Mechanical Technician, Thermal and Catalytic Process Development Unit, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 2014present

  • Electro/Mechanical Technician, Earth Observing Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 2004–2014

Awards and Honors

  • NREL Outstanding Mentor Award, 2016

Please contact me with research questions, ideas for collaborations, and questions about projects at NREL. Please do NOT contact me directly for jobs—see instead information on NREL's Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship program or on NREL Careers in general.