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Research Interests

Development of genetic tools, mainly clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)-based, for analysis and metabolic engineering of diverse microbes

CO and CO2 metabolism

Hydrogenases and H2 metabolism

Engineering novel microbial platforms for biofuels/bioproducts

Development of high throughput screening and selection methods for gene-to-trait discovery

Affiliated Research Programs

Center for Bioenergy Innovation (CBI), Rapid Genetics Team lead and co-PI, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Bioenergy Research Center, PI: Jerry Tuskan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory [ORNL])

Design and Engineering of Synthetic Control Architectures, co-PI, DOE BER Biosystems Design, PI: Ryan Gill (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Progress towards a new model chemolithoautotrophic host, Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) Agile BioFoundry, co-PI, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory lead, with Kiverdi, Inc.

Improving Formate Upgrading by Cupriavidus necator, co-PI, DOE BETO NREL Annual Operating Plan Award, PI: Chris Johnson (NREL)

Dynamic control of metabolism using redesigned proteins, co-PI (University of Colorado), National Science Foundation, PI: Tim Whitehead (University of Colorado)

Secure Ecosystem Engineering and Design, co-PI (University of Colorado), DOE National Lab Science Focus Area for Secure Biosystems Design, PI: Paul Abraham (ORNL)

Areas of Expertise

Genetic and metabolic engineering and analysis of diverse microbes: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli, Cyanobacteria (Synechocystis, Synechococcus), Cupriavidus necator (Ralstonia eutropha H16), Rubrivivax gelatinosus CBS, Caldanaerobacter subterraneus subspecies tengcongenesis, Clostridium thermocellum, Pseudomonas putida KT2440, Zymomonas mobilis, Pichia kudriavzevii, Kluyveromyces marxianus

Genetic tool development (transformation tools, gene knockout/expression, synthetic biology, CRISPR)

High-throughput genome editing technologies

Hydrogenases and H2 metabolism

CO2 fixation


CO metabolism


Ph.D., Molecular Biology, University of Colorado, Anschutz Campus

B.S., Biology, University of South Dakota

Professional Experience

Interim Co-Director—Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder (2020–present)

Associate Director, Bioenergy Sciences—Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder (2019–present)

Research Assistant Professor—Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder (2019–present)

Rapid Genetics Team Lead—Center for Bioenergy Innovation, ORNL (2017–present)

Senior Research Associate, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder (2013–2019)

Senior Scientist—Genetic engineering of diverse microbes, NREL, Biosciences Center (2011–present)

Postdoctoral Fellow—Photobiology group (Pin-Ching Maness, PI), NREL, Biosciences Center (2008–2011)

Postdoctoral Fellow—Cell Cycle in Xenopus laevis (James Maller, PI), Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Colorado, Anschutz Campus (2006–2008)

Doctoral candidate—Chromosome segregation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Paul Megee, PI), University of Colorado, Anschutz Campus (2001–2006)

Featured Work

Engineering Regulatory Networks for Complex Phenotypes in E. coli, Nature Communications (2020)

Multiplex Evolution of Antibody Fragments Utilizing a Yeast Surface Display Platform, ACS Synthetic Biology (2020)

Development of Both Type I-B and type II CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing Systems in the Cellulolytic Bacterium Clostridium thermocellum, Metabolic Engineering Communications (2020)

Synthetic Chimeric Nucleases Function for Efficient Genome Editing, Nature Communications (2019)

Nanorg Microbial Factories: Light-Driven Renewable Biofuel Generation Using Bacteria-Quantum Dot Nano-Biohybrids, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2019)

Inactivation of the Uptake Hydrogenase in the Purple Non-Sulfur Photosynthetic Bacterium Rubrivivax gelatinosus CBS Enables a Biological Water-Gas Shift Platform for H2 Production, Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (2019)

Multiplex Navigation of Global Regulatory Networks (MINR) in yeast for Improved Ethanol Tolerance and Production, Metabolic Engineering (2019)

Genomic Deoxyxylulose Phosphate Reductisomerase (DXR) Mutations Conferring Resistance to the Antimalarial Drug Fosmidomycin in E. coli, ACS Synthetic Biology (2018)

A Genetic Toolbox for Modulating the Expression of Heterologous Genes in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, ACS Synthetic Biology (2018)

Overcoming Substrate Limitations for Improved Production of Ethylene in E. coli., Biotechnology for Biofuels (2016)

Genome Annotation Provides Insight into Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Metabolism in Rubrivivax gelatinosus, PLOS One (2014)

Solar Powered Biohydrogen Production Requires Specific Localization of the Hydrogenase, Energy and Environmental Science (2014)

Ethylene Forming Enzyme and Bio-Ethylene Production, Biotechnology for Biofuels (2014)

Hydrogen Production by Water Biophotolysis, in Microbial BioEnergy (2014)

Genetic Analysis of the Hox Hydrogenase in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Reveals Subunit Roles in Association, Assembly, Maturation, and Function, Journal of Biological Chemistry (2012)

Hydrogenase Genes and Enzymes Involved in Solar Hydrogen Production, in State of the Art and Progress in Production of Biohydrogen (2012)

The Role of the Bidirectional Hydrogenase in Cyanobacteria, Bioresource Technology (2011)

Recombinant and In Vitro Expression Systems for Hydrogenases: New Frontiers in Basic and Applied Studies for Biological and Synthesis H2 Production, Dalton Transactions (2012)

Photobiological Hydrogen Production—Prospects and Challenges, Microbe (2009)

The Enhancement of Pericentromeric Cohesin Association by Conserved Kinetochore Components Promotes High-Fidelity Chromosome Segregation and is Sensitive to Microtubule-Based Tension, Genes & Development (2007)

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