Brian Fluegel

Researcher V-Physics


Dr. Fluegel received his Ph.D. in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona, 1992. As a postdoctoral researcher there, he researched ultrafast exciton dynamics in II-VI and III-V semiconductors and semiconductor heterostructures. This included collaboration on InP colloidal quantum dots pioneered by NREL's Chemical Sciences Team, which lead to a 1995 postdoc position here in the Solid State Spectroscopy Group. He took over the ultrafast laser facility to work on spontaneous ordering in semiconductor alloys. These projects exploited the linear and nonlinear optical properties that depend most strongly on the symmetry reduction of ordering. In addition, he became responsible for the continued upgrading of the laser and detection system to maintain it as a competitive research tool for time-resolved photoluminescence and absorption. An NREL scientist since 2005, his recent work includes physics of photovoltaic materials such as dilute nitride alloys and hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors.

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