Annie Greenaway

Annie Greenaway

Researcher III-Chemistry

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Annie Greenaway is a staff scientist in the Materials Physics group at NREL. She joined NREL as a director’s postdoctoral research fellow in 2018, working on the integration of emerging II-IV-N2 semiconductors with established materials such as gallium nitride (GaN). Her research focuses on the discovery and development of novel semiconductors both fundamentally and for optoelectronic applications, including LEDs and photovoltaics (PV), and on photoelectrochemistry for solar fuels generation.

Research Interests

Nitride semiconductors

Combinatorial materials discovery

Semiconductor photoelectrochemistry  


Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Oregon

M.S., Chemistry, University of Oregon

B.A., Chemistry, Hendrix College  

Featured Work

Combinatorial Synthesis of Magnesium Tin Nitrides Semiconductors, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020)

Utilizing Site Disorder in the Development of New Energy-Relevant Semiconductors, ACS Energy Letters (2020)