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Annalise Maughan

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After completing her doctorate in 2018, Annalise Maughan was awarded the Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at NREL, where she is currently focused on developing novel solid electrolyte materials with unique ion conduction mechanisms for all-solid-state batteries. She is also spearheading the development of laboratory capabilities for solid-state materials chemistry research. Additionally, Annalise works in the Energy Frontier Research Center for Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy (CHOISE), in which she researches hybrid semiconductor materials with novel optoelectronic properties. She is also the early career network representative for CHOISE. Annalise’s research vision is to leverage a fundamental understanding of how structure and lattice dynamics drive functional properties to design new materials relevant for renewable energy technologies.

Also, she's an ad hoc reviewer for Chemistry of Materials, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Inorganic Chemistry, and Materials Today Chemistry.

Previously, Annalise received her bachelor's degree in chemistry and a minor in mathematics from Northern Arizona University in 2013, where she researched organometallic sandwich complexes under the guidance of Professor Stephanie Hurst. She then moved to Colorado State University to pursue a doctorate in chemistry under the mentorship of Professor James Neilson. Her graduate research focused on utilizing advanced X-ray and neutron scattering techniques coupled with physical properties measurements to develop fundamental structure-property relationships in perovskite halide semiconductors.

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Research Interests

Solid-state/materials chemistry

In situ X-ray and neutron scattering to probe local structure and dynamics in functional materials

Novel hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors for energy

Novel solid electrolytes and ion conduction mechanisms for all-solid-state batteries


Ph.D., Chemistry, Colorado State University

B.S., Chemistry, Northern Arizona University

Professional Experience

Early Career Network Representative, CHOISE Energy Frontier Research Center (2019-present)

Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, NREL (2018-present)

Graduate Research Assistant, Colorado State University (2013-2018)

National Science Foundation REU Undergraduate Intern, Harvey Mudd College (2012)

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Northern Arizona University (2012-2013)

Associations and Memberships

Member, American Chemical Society (2019)

Featured Work

Highly Distorted Chiral Two-Dimensional Tin Iodide Perovskites for Spin Polarized Charge Transport, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020)

The Molybdenum Oxide Interface Limits the High-Temperature Operational Stability of Unencapsulated Perovskite Solar Cells, ACS Energy Letters (2020)

Perspectives and Design Principles of Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Halide SemiconductorsChemistry of Materials (2019)

Tolerance Factor and Cooperative Tilting Effects in Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Halides, Chemistry of Materials (2018)

Anharmonicity and Octahedral Tilting in Hybrid Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskites, Chemistry of Materials (2018)

Bond Valences and Anharmonicity in Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Halides, Journal of Materials Chemistry C  (2018)

Defect Tolerance to Intolerance in the Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskite Semiconductors Cs2SnI6 and Cs2TeI6, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016)

Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Materials with an Optoelectronically Active Aromatic Cation: (C7H7)2SnI6 and C7H7PbI3, Inorganic Chemistry (2015)

Competing Interactions: Octahedral Tilting, Organic-Inorganic Coupling, and Charge Transport in Vacancy-Ordered Double Perovskites, American Chemical Society Fall Meeting (2019)

Isovalent Magnetic Substitution in Layered Perovskite Halide Semiconductors, American Chemical Society Fall Meeting (2019)

Awards and Honors

ACS Chemistry of Materials Best Paper and Lectureship Award (2019)

University Distinguished Professor’s Scholarship, Colorado State University (2018)

Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship (2017)