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Photo of Alex Lemke

Alex Lemke

Project Manager V-Research Support


As the NREL Wind Program Collaboration Lead and External Affairs Advisor for the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Wind Energy Technologies Office, Alex focuses on enabling connectivity, communication, and collaboration to an enormously diverse set of existing and potential stakeholders and partners to build, improve, or expand upon the wind program's internal and external relations.

As the center of the program's external engagements, Alex leads and manages projects within NREL and DOE's wind energy portfolio with an emphasis on key initiatives including amplifying the research and development portfolio, producing high-level executive events and roundtables, and expanding the commercial impact and streamlining information to DOE's national labs and facilities resulting in fostering partnerships that guide innovations from the lab into the marketplace. Alex is often found promoting coordination and interaction between DOE, the NREL wind program, and key external stakeholders while leading the portfolio and project planning and tracking to foster operational and fiscal excellence throughout the processes of developing and pitching new research ideas, executing work, and final public dissemination and communications. In addition to the above, Alex is often providing business and planning guidance intended to strengthen the laboratory through institutional investments, collaborations with other research organizations, and proactive planning and forecasting.

Prior to joining NREL, Alex was a senior business development and communications strategist with more than 20 years experience and significant accomplishments within the energy, publishing, and real estate industry's foremost companies.


B.A., Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Northern Colorado

B.A., Speech Communication and Human Communication, University of Northern Colorado

Awards and Honors

DOE IMPACT Award (2016)