Ahmad Kirmani

Ahmad Kirmani

Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemistry

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Ahmad R. Kirmani is a postdoctoral researcher at NREL in the Chemical and Nanosciences Center. He is exploring solution-processed perovskite materials for applications in optoelectronics. A recent focus of his research is to understand radiation hardness of perovskite photovoltaics for space applications. He is also involved in techno-economic feasibility analysis of this newfangled technology.

Prior to joining NREL, Ahmad was a guest researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where he studied the thin-film formation kinetics of inorganic semiconductor inks during scalable coating using synchrotron-based time-resolved X-ray scattering. Structure-transport correlations in transparent metal oxides were also a major theme.

His doctoral research has provided an improved understanding of solar cells based on lead chalcogenide nanocrystals. A key highlight was the first demonstration of ambient-manufactured, blade-coated efficient solar cells based on colloidal quantum dots. Ahmad’s research has involved frequent experiments at synchrotron sources including Advanced Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Canadian Light Source, and Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. His research has so far resulted in more than 40 published papers and several conference presentations. He is also a volunteer science writer for the Materials Research Society with more than 10 published news articles, perspectives, and opinions.

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Research Interests

Interfaces and structure in printed and roll-to-roll coated inorganic semiconductor inks

Colloidal quantum dots and hybrid perovskites for photovoltaic applications

Transition metal oxide inks for printed flexible and transparent electronics


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

M.S., Condensed Matter Physics, AM University

B.S., Physics, AM University

Professional Experience

Guest Researcher, National Institute of Standards and Technology (2017–2019)

Science Writer, MRS Bulletin (2017–present)

Associations and Memberships

Member, American Chemical Society (2018–present)

Member, Materials Research Society  (2018–present)

Featured Work


Overcoming the Ambient Manufacturability-Stability-Performance Bottleneck in Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics, Adv. Mater. (2018)

Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics Using Ultra-Thin, Solution-Processed Bilayer In2O3/ZnO Electron Transport Layers With Improved Stability, ACS App. Energy. Mater. (2020)

Optimizing Solid-State Ligand Exchange for Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics: How Much Is Enough?, ACS App. Energy. Mater. (2020)

Role of the Electronically Active Amorphous State in Low-Temperature Processed In2O3 Thin-Film Transistors, Mater. Adv. (2020)

Overcoming the Ambient Manufacturability-Stability-Performance Bottleneck in Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics, Adv. Mater. (2018 )

Remote Molecular Doping of Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics, ACS Energy Lett. (2016)

Effect of Solvent Environment on Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cell Manufacturability and Performance, Adv. Mater. (2014)


Exploring Scalable Coating of Inorganic Semiconductor Inks: Process-Structure-Property-Performance Correlations, Johns Hopkins University (2019)

Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics: Understanding of the Surface Enables Scalable Fabrication, North Carolina State University (2019)

Conference Presentations

Structure-Property Relationship in Blade-Coated Amorphous In2O3 Thin-Film Transistors, SPIE, Oxide-Based Materials and Devices XI (2020)

Real-Time Investigation of Colloidal Quantum Dot Self-Assembly during Blade-Coating, Material Research Society Fall Meeting (2019)

Awards and Honors

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Fellowship (2011)

Undergrad University Gold Medals, AM University (2009)