Adele Tamboli is a distinguished member of the research staff at NREL with a joint appointment at Colorado School of Mines. Her research focuses on semiconductor materials science and device physics for renewable energy and energy efficiency including silicon-based tandem solar cells, novel epitaxial, thin-film solar absorber materials, novel materials for light-emitting diodes, and solar fuels. Tamboli is in the materials physics research group in the Materials Science Center. Her projects include:

  • Researching mechanically stacked III-V/Si tandem solar cells built using transparent, conductive adhesives, including three-terminal tandem solar cell designs
  • Developing the II-IV-V2 class of semiconductors (e.g., ZnGeP2, ZnGeN2, MgSnN2) and understanding the impact of cation disorder in these materials, which may be used to tune material properties at a fixed composition
  • Developing III-N/ZnGeN2 green light-emitting diodes
  • Developing new photoabsorber materials and architectures for the Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) solar fuels hub.


Ph.D., Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S., Physics, Harvey Mudd College

Professional Experience

Research Assistant Professor, Physics, Colorado School of Mines (2011–present)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology (2009–2011)

Featured Work

Review and Perspective Articles

III-V-on-Si Tandem Solar CellsJoule (Future Energy Article) (2021)

Utilizing Site Disorder in the Development of New Energy-Relevant Semiconductors, ACS Energy Letters (Focus Review) (2020)

A Taxonomy for Three-Terminal Tandem Solar Cells, ACS Energy Letters (Perspective) (2020)

Perspective: Fundamentals of Coalescence-Related Dislocations, Applied to Selective-Area Growth and Other Epitaxial Films, APL Materials (2018)

Research Articles

Probing Configurational Disorder in ZnGeN2 Using Cluster-Based Monte CarloPhys. Rev. Mater. (2021)

Perfect Short-Range Ordered Alloy with Line-Compound-Like Properties in the ZnSnN2:ZnO SystemNPJ Computational Materials (2020)

Combinatorial Synthesis of Magnesium Tin Nitride Semiconductors, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020)

Using Resonant Energy X-Ray Diffraction to Extract Chemical Order Parameters in Ternary Semiconductors, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2020)

Heteroepitaxial Integration of ZnGeN2 on GaN Buffers Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Crystal Growth & Design (2020)

Three-Terminal III–V/Si Tandem Solar Cells Enabled by a Transparent Conductive Adhesive, Sustainable Energy & Fuels (2020)