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Shreyas Ananthan

Senior Scientist – High-Performance Algorithms and Modeling | 303-275-4807

Shreyas Ananthan joined the Computational Science Center at NREL in 2016. He currently works as a senior scientist in the High-Performance Algorithms and Complex Fluids division. His work focuses on developing scalable computational methods that accurately model turbulent flow problems over complex geometries. Previously, he has worked as a wind turbine blade aerodynamic designer and wind farm modeling expert at Vestas Global Research and Envision Energy. He also spent three years at Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technology Office as a technology manager and was part of the executive committee responsible for the Atmosphere to electrons (A2e) initiative.

Research Interests

  • Wind turbine wake evolution under turbulent, stratified atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) flows.
  • High-fidelity modeling of fluid-structure interactions and application to rotary wing configurations.
  • Overset mesh methodology to simulate arbitrary turbine motions (blade rotation & pitch, FSI, and nacelle yaw) under time-varying inflow wind speed and direction.
  • Wake control and optimization strategies to maximize energy output and mitigating fatigue loads.
  • Design of CFD computational kernels to exploit next-generation platforms (e.g., GPUs).


2006 – Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland College Park

2002 – M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland College Park

2000 – B.Tech., Aerospace Enginering, University of Maryland College Park