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Photo of Seth M. Noone

Seth Noone

FSCL Lab Manager | 303-384-7936

Research Interests

Seth M. Noone manages the Fuel Synthesis and Catalysis Laboratory (FSCL) as part of the Thermochemical Catalysis research and development (R&D) section within the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) National Bioenergy Center (NBC). His interests include:

  • Advancing technology for producing renewable fuels from biomass

  • Working with state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory design. (See Thermochemical Catalysis R&D section supervisor Dr. Jesse Hensley's page for a description of the next-generation FSCL.)

Affiliated Research Programs

  • Thermochemical Conversion

Areas of Expertise

  • Managing catalysis reactor laboratory operations

  • Instrumentation and controls troubleshooting (GCMS, Opto22)

  • Laboratory and equipment maintenance

  • Process safety, SOP/documentation, scheduling, and laboratory purchasing


  • M.S., Biomedical Basic Science, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center, 2009

  • B.A., Biology, McDaniel College, 1996

Professional Experience

  • FSCL Laboratory Manager, NREL, NBC, Thermochemical Catalysis Research and Development, 2014present

  • Research Technician, NREL, Biosciences Center, Photobiology (Hydrogen Production), 20092014

  • Research Technician, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Gerton Lab (Chromosome Function), 20032006

  • Process Development Associate, Cell Genesys, Inc. (merged with BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in 2009), 19992002

Associations and Accreditations

  • American Chemical Society

Featured Publications

  1. "Expression of a clostridial [FeFe]-hydrogenase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii prolongs photo-production of hydrogen from water splitting," Algal Research (2017)

  2. "EPR and FTIR Analysis of the Mechanism of H2 Activation by [FeFe]-hydrogenase HydA1 from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii," Journal of the American Chemical Society (2013)

  3. "The Conformational Flexibility of the C-Terminus of Histone H4 Promotes Histone Octamer and Nucleosome Stability and Yeast Viability," Epigenetics Chromatin (2012)

  4. "The C Terminus of the Histone Chaperone Asf1 Cross-Links to Histone H3 in Yeast and Promotes Interaction with Histones H3 and H4," Molecular and Cellular Biology (2013)

  5. "The Lysine 48 and Lysine 63 Ubiquitin Conjugates Are Processed Differently by the 26 s Proteasome," Journal of Biological Chemistry (2009)

  6. "Transcription Alters Chromosomal Locations of Cohesin in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae," Molecular and Cellular Biology (2007)

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