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Photo of Seoung-Bum Son

Seoung-Bum Son

Researcher III-Materials Science | 303-384-7229

Seoung-Bum Son graduated from Seoul National University in South Korea with a doctorate in material science and engineering. Dr. Son joined NREL in 2014 and has focused his research on developing new materials for energy storage and conversion. He has extensive experience in the synthesis of nanostructured materials, employing electrochemical analytic methods,X-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy for the investigation of electrochemical properties and structure. His general research interest is to improve the electrochemical properties of materials for Li ion batteries and controlling micro-structures and surface modifications of electrode materials.

Featured Publications

Son, S.-B., Yersak, T.A., Piper, D.M., Kim, S.C., Kang, C.S., Cho, J.S., Suh, S.-S., Kim, Y.-U., Oh, K.H. , Lee, S.-H. (2014). "A stabilized PAN-FeS2 cathode with an EC/DEC liquid electrolyte." Advanced Energy Materials (4:3); p. 1300961.

Piper, D.M., Woo, J.H., Son, S.-B., Kim, S.C., Oh, K.H., Lee, S.-H. (2014). "Hierarchical porous framework of Si-based electrodes for minimal volumetric expansion." Advanced Materials (26:21); pp. 3520-3525.

Lee, B.-S., Seo, J.-H., Son, S.-B., Kim, S.C., Choi, I.-S., Ahn, J.-P., Oh, K.H., Lee, S.-H., Yu, W.-R. (2013). "Face-Centered-Cubic Lithium Crystals Formed in Mesopores of Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes." ACS NANO (7:7); pp. 5801-5807.

Son, S.-B., Kim, S.C., Kang, C.S., Yersak, T.A., Kim, Y.-C., Lee, C.-G., Moon, S.-H., Cho, J.-S., Moon, J.-T., Oh, K.H., Lee, S. (2012). "A highly reversible nano-si anode enabled by mechanical confinement in an electrochemically activated LixTi4Ni4Si7 matrix." Advanced Energy Materials (2:10); pp. 1226-1231.

Son, S.-B., Trevey, J.E., Roh, H., Kim, S.-H., Kim, K.-B., Cho, J.S., Moon, J.-T., DeLuca, C.M., Maute, K.K., Dunn, M.L., Han, H (2011). "Microstructure Study of Electrochemically Driven LixSi." Advanced Energy Materials (1:6); pp. 1199-1204.

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