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Photo of Nate Blair

Nate Blair

Group Manager - System Modeling and Geospatial Data Science | 303-384-7426

Nate Blair is the group manager of the Systems Modeling & Geospatial Data Science Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Areas of Expertise

Linear programming with General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS)
Building and system simulation tools, especially the TRaNsient SYstem Simulation Program (TRNSYS)
Concentrating solar power system modeling
Experimental solar water-heating experience

Research Interests

Macroeconomic energy-impact analysis
Wind-power market modeling
Transient power system modeling
Building performance measurement


M.B.A., 2002, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business
M.S. in mechanical engineering, 1993, University of Wisconsin-Madison Solar Energy Laboratory
B.A. in physics, 1992, Gustavus Adolphus College

Prior Work Experience

Intern, Global Energy Partners, LLC (June 2001August 2001)
Intern, Sandia National Lab - Concentrating Solar Power Group (May 2000–August 2000)
Project Engineer, Thermal Energy System Specialists (August 1998November 1999)
Visiting Researcher, Center for Science and Technologies in Buildings (CSTB) (November 1997May 1998)
Visiting Researcher, Transsolar EnergiTechnik GMBH (July 1997October 1997)
TRNSYS Coordinator, UW-Madison Solar Energy Lab (19941997)
TRNSYS Coordinator Assistant, UW-Madison Solar Energy Lab (March 1994August 1994)
Staff Engineer, Energy Center of Wisconsin (March 1994August 1994)
Research assistant, UW-Madison Solar Energy Lab (August 1992December 1993)

Other Affiliations

Member of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
Member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Featured Publications

Freeman, J., J. Whitmore, N. Blair, and A.P. Dobos. 2014. Validation of Multiple Tools for Flat Plate Photovoltaic Modeling Against Measured Data. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-61497.

Blair, N., A. Dobos, and N. Sather. 2012. Case Studies Comparing System Advisor Model (SAM) Results to Real Performance Data: Preprint. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-6A20-54676.

Lopez, A., B. Roberts, D. Heimiller, N. Blair, and G. Porro. 2012. U.S. Renewable Energy Technical Potentials: A GIS-Based Analysis. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-51946.

Short, W., P. Sullivan, T. Mai, M. Mowers, C. Uriarte, N. Blair, D. Heimiller, and A. Martinez. 2011. Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-46534.

Blair, N., T. Jenkin, J. Milford, W. Short, P. Sullivan, D. Evans, E. Lieberman, G. Goldstein, E. Wright, K.R. Jayaraman, B. Venkatesh, G. Kleiman, C. Namovicz, B. Smith, K. Palmer, R. Wiser, F. Wood. 2009. Renewable Energy and Efficiency Modeling Analysis Partnership (REMAP): An Analysis of How Different Energy Models Addressed a Common High Renewable Energy Penetration Scenario in 2025. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A2-45656.

Blair, N., M. Mehos, C. Christensen, C. Cameron. 2008. Modeling Photovoltaic and Concentrating Solar Power Trough Performance, Cost, and Financing with the Solar Advisor Model: Preprint. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-670-42922.

Full list of Nate Blair publications (NREL).