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Myles Steiner is a scientist in the High Efficiency Crystalline PV group at NREL, working primarily on III-V multijunction solar cells for concentrator applications. He has worked on photon recycling and luminescent coupling in multijunction cells, growth and ordering of lattice-mismatched GaInP and GaInAs solar cells, mechanical stacking and lateral spectrum splitting multijunction designs, and the design and measurement of solar cells at elevated operating temperatures. Dr. Steiner completed a bachelor's degree in engineering physics at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, followed by a master's degree and a doctorate in applied physics at Stanford University. At Stanford, he studied superconductor-insulator phase transitions in homogenously disordered superconductors. He joined NREL as a postdoctoral researcher in 2006, working on the development of a four-junction lateral spectrum splitting solar cell module. His research interests include photon management and internal optics in high efficiency solar cells, novel architectures for multijunction solar cells, AlGaInP/GaAs solar cells for high temperature operation, and optical coatings for broad spectrum multijunction solar cells.

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