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Photo of Melvin P. Tucker

Melvin Tucker

Researcher V-Chemical Engineering | 303-384-6264

Research Interests

A photo of a meadow and forest and jet airplane in the sky in the background covered by illustrations of white and grey molecular structures leading to a fuel nozzle with yellow liquid fuel and white molecular structures coming out of the nozzle.

Mel Tucker is Principal Investigator for the Pretreatment and Process Hydrolysis project in the National Bioenergy Center at NREL that closely collaborates with other projects in the Biochemical Conversion Platform. He has more than 34 years of research experience in the biochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to biofuels and products, with extensive expertise in high solids pretreatment, high solids enzymatic hydrolysis, cloning, bioprospecting, operations at the bench and pilot scale, analytical techniques, high-performance liquid chromatography, and spectroscopic techniques (Fourier transform infrared, ultraviolet-visible, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.). He has authored/co-authored more than 90 peer-reviewed publications and is a co-inventor on 13 U.S. Patents. He currently leads a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, biochemists, chemists, and molecular biologist to deconstruct biomass into high concentration, low toxicity sugar syrups and highly reactive lignin streams.

Mel is also involved in research within the Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels (C3Bio), which is tasked with decreasing the recalcitrance of biomass to thermochemical and biological deconstruction by genetically engineering energy crops to incorporate metal catalysts into the cell wall during growth and/or senescence to aid in deconstruction of the cell wall polymers. He is also a member of the Characterization and Modeling Team within the multi-institutional BioEnergy Sciences Center (BESC) that is tasked with the pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of more than 25,000 samples of natural variants and genetically engineered energy crops. This task is made easier by the high-throughput pretreatment equipment and assays that he helped develop.

Other research interests include:

  • High solids pretreatment technologies

  • High solids enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentations

  • Deconstruction of biomass with mechanical refining

  • Biomass ultrastructure

  • Engineering energy crops with reduced recalcitrance and catalysts incorporated in the cell wall to aid in deconstruction of the cell wall polymers into simpler molecules

Affiliated Research Programs


  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, Colorado State University, 1982

  • B.S., Chemistry, Metropolitan State College, 1977


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Featured Publications

  1. "Cell Wall Targeted in planta Iron Accumulation Enhances Biomass Conversion and Seed Iron Concentration in Arabidopsis and Rice," Plant Biotechnology Journal (2016)

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Additional Publications

  1. "Chapter 23: Laboratory Pretreatment Systems to Understand Biomass Deconstruction," in Aqueous Pretreatment of Plant Biomass for Biological and Chemical Conversion to Fuels and Chemicals (2013)