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Photo of Luigi Gentile Polese

Luigi Gentile Polese

Lead, Controls and Advanced Analytics | 303-275-4362

Luigi joined NREL in 2009. He oversees processes and software development of next-generation whole-building energy modeling, analysis, and simulation tools OpenStudio and EnergyPlus. Recently, he also led projects investigating occupancy sensing and controls, wireless sensors networks for plug load energy monitoring and management, and power distribution systems in buildings.

Luigi has more than 22 years of experience in telecommunications R&D programs with companies including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Siemens, and Avaya, where he held senior technical positions in networking protocol specifications, call control software, and requirements engineering. Mr. Gentile Polese holds three U.S. patents and has two additional patents pending.


M.S. Electronic Engineering, University of Naples, Italy

B.S. Electronic Engineering, University of Naples, Italy