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Karin Sinclair

Program Manager V-Research | 303-384-6946

Karin joined NREL in 1992 and currently leads NREL's research portfolio focused on wind energy and wildlife issues for both land-based and offshore wind applications. She serves as the Operating Agent for the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement Task 34, an international collaborative focused on environmental issues related to wind energy. In addition, Karin leads the Competitiveness Improvement Project, an effort under the Distributed Wind research portfolio focused on supporting the distributed wind sector to reduce the levelized cost of energy and increase the number of certified turbines for distributed applications in the United States. Prior to joining NREL, Karin was an analyst at the California Public Utilities Commission, where she worked on issues on behalf of the California ratepayers, including the cost-benefit analysis that ultimately lead to the closure and decommissioning of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station 1.


M.A. in Environmental Administration, University of California at Riverside; B.S. in Economics, University of California at Riverside