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Photo of Jim Green

Jim Green

Sr. Project leader | 303-384-6913

Jim joined NREL (then SERI) in 1978 and has been engaged in wind energy research & development since 1992. In 2009, he managed the purchase, installation, and commissioning of the DOE 1.5 MW wind turbine at the NWTC. He was the project lead for the design and construction of the NWTC 5.8 MW dynamometer facility completed in 2013.  During 2012–2016, Jim was responsible for operations, safety, and engineering assessment of the Chesapeake Light Tower, an offshore platform off the coast of Virginia. Previously, Jim managed turbine development subcontracts with small wind turbine manufacturers. Throughout the 1980s, he participated in research on open-cycle ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) including the engineering design of a successful net-power-producing experiment in Hawaii, a fully-functional and grid-connected OTEC power plant. Jim has received an NREL Presidents Award for outstanding project management and a DOE award for outstanding industry partnership. 


B.S. in General Engineering, University of Illinois