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Heidi Pilath

Researcher III-Chemistry | 303-384-7788


Featured Publications

Blake, D. M., et al. (2006). "Lifetime of imidazolium salts at elevated temperatures." Journal of Solar Energy Engineering-Transactions of the Asme 128(1): 54-57.

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Pilath, H. M., et al. (2013). "Investigation of xylose reversion reactions in dilute acid pretreatment." Energy and Fuels.

Pilath, H. M., et al. (2014). A route from biomass to hydrocarbons via depolymerization and decarboxylation of microbially produced polyhydroxybutyrate. Direct Microbial Conversion of Biomass to Advanced Biofuels. Elsevier, Elsevier.                 

Pilath, H. M., et al. (2010). "Glucose Reversion Reaction Kinetics." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58(10): 6131-6140