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Hariswaran Sitaraman

Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering | 303-275-3171

Dr. Hariswaran Sitaraman is a staff scientist at the Computational Science Center. His research interests are in the areas of reacting flow computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods and in development of parallel scalable CFD solvers on upcoming high performance computing (HPC) architectures. His Ph.D. work involved the development of scalable solvers for non-equilibrium and magnetized plasma flows. His current projects include multiphase reacting flow CFD pertaining to biomass conversion processes, algorithm development, and optimizations for continuum-lagrangian solvers pertaining to combustion and particulate flows.


2013 Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, UT, Austin

2010 M.S., Aerospace Engineering, UT, Austin

2008 B. Tech, Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai, India