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Garvin Heath is a member of the Resources and Sustainability Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Areas of Expertise

Life cycle assessment
Sustainability analysis
Air quality modeling
Exposure assessment

Research Interests

Health and environmental impacts of energy technologies, including externalities
Life cycle assessment


Ph.D. in energy and resources, UC Berkeley, 2006
M.S. in environmental engineering (air quality), UC Berkeley, 2003

Prior Work Experience

Senior Scientist, Integral Consulting Inc., Broomfield CO (2006–2007)
Environmental Engineer, U.S. EPA, Washington DC (19941999)

Other Affiliations

Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Colorado at Boulder
American Center for Life Cycle Assessment
Air and Waste Management Association
International Society of Exposure Analysis

Featured Publications

Zhang, Yimin, Garvin Heath, Alberta Carpenter, and Noah Fisher. "Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory of Large-Scale Production of Selected Biofuels Feedstocks in 2022. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 10, no. 1 (January/February 2016): 56-69. NREL/JA-6A20-63799. doi:10.1002/bbb.1620

Heath, Garvin, Ethan Warner, Daniel Steinberg, and Adam Brandt 2015. Estimating U.S. Methane Emissions from the Natural Gas Supply Chain: Approaches, Uncertainties, Current Estimates, and Future Studies. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A50-62820

Heath, G. and D. Sandor. 2013. Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electricity Generation (Fact Sheet). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/FS-6A20-57187.

Logan, J., G. Heath, J. Macknick, E. Paranhos, W. Boyd, and K. Carlson. 2012. Natural Gas and the Transformation of the U.S. Energy Sector: Electricity. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A50-55538.

Vimmerstedt, L., A. Brown, G. Heath, T. Mai, M. Ruth, M. Melaina, T. Simpkins, D. Steward, E. Warner, K. Bertram, S. Plotkin, D. Patel, T. Stephens, and A. Vyas. 2012. High Penetration of Renewable Energy in the Transportation Sector: Scenarios, Barriers, and Enablers (Preprint). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-6A20-54442.

Mai, T., R. Wiser, D. Sandor, G. Brinkman, G. Heath, P. Denholm, D.J. Hostick, N. Darghouth, A. Schlosser, and K. Strzepek. 2012. Renewable Electricity Futures Study. Volume 1: Exploration of High-Penetration Renewable Electricity Futures. (Volume 1 of 4). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-52409-1.

Macknick, J., R. Newmark, G. Heath, and K.C. Hallett. 2011. Review of Operational Water Consumption and Withdrawal Factors for Electricity Generating Technologies. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A20-50900.

Burkhardt, J.J., G.A. Heath, and C.S. Turchi. 2011. "Life Cycle Assessment of a Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Power Plant and the Impacts of Key Design Alternatives." Environmental Science and Technology 45, no. 6 (March 2011): 2457-64. NREL/JA-6A20-48892. doi:10.1021/es1033266

Whitaker, M. and G. Heath. 2010. Life Cycle Assessment Comparing the Use of Jatropha Biodiesel in the Indian Road and Rail Sectors. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/TP-6A2-47462.

Hsu, D.D., D. Inman, G.A. Heath, E.J. Wolfrum, M.K. Mann, and A. Aden. 2010. "Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Selected US Ethanol Production and Use Pathways in 2022." Environmental Science and Technology 44, no. 13 (June 2010): 5289-97. NREL/JA-510-45915. doi:10.1021/es100186h

Heath, G., C. Turchi, J. Burkhardt, C. Kutscher, and T. Decker. 2009. Life Cycle Assessment of Thermal Energy Storage: Two-Tank Indirect and Thermocline. Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-6A2-45857.

Williams, P.R.D., D. Inman, A. Aden, and G.A. Heath. 2009. "Environmental and Sustainability Factors Associated With Next-Generation Biofuels: What Do We Really Know?." Environmental Science and Technology 43, no. 13 (May 2009): 4763-75. NREL/JA-510-44922. doi:10.1021/es900250d

Whitaker, M. and G. Heath. 2009. Life-Cycle Assessment of the Use of Jatropha Biodiesel in Indian Locomotives (Revised). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/SR-6A2-44428.

Additional publications:

Heath, G., J. Burkhardt, C. Turchi, T. Decker, and C. Kutscher. 2009. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of Parabolic Trough CSP: Materials Inventory and Embodied GHG Emissions from Two-Tank Indirect and Thermocline Thermal Storage (Presentation). Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/PR-6A2-46875.

Heath, G.A., D.D. Hsu, D. Inman, A. Aden, and M.K. Mann. 2009. "Life Cycle Assessment of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007: Ethanol - Global Warming Potential and Environmental Emissions." Golden, CO: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. NREL/CP-6A2-45805.

Heath, G.A. and W.W. Nazaroff. 2007. "Intake-to-Delivered-Energy Ratios for Central Station and Distributed Electricity Generation in California." Atmospheric Environment 41, no. 39 (December 2007): 9159-72. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2007.07.055.

Heath, G.A., P.W. Granvold, A.S. Hoats, and W.W. Nazaroff. "Air Pollutant Exposure Implications of A Shift Toward Distributed Electricity Generation Assessed Through Intake Fractions." Atmospheric Environment 40, no. 37 (December 2006): 7164-77. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2006.06.023

Heath, G.A., P.W. Granvold, A.S. Hoats, and W.W. Nazaroff. 2005. Quantifying the Air Pollution Exposure Consequences of Distributed Electricity Generation. Final Report to the University of California Energy Institute.

Mendell, M.J. and G.A. Heath. 2004. "Do Indoor Environments In Schools Influence Student Performance? A Critical Review of the Literature." Indoor Air 15, no. 1 (2004): 27-52.

Full list of Garvin Heath publications (NREL).