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Photo of Erol Chartan

Erol Kevin Chartan

Researcher III-Electrical Engineering

| 303-275-4863

Erol Chartan conducts research and development of power system simulations and wind power forecast visualization, performing analysis mainly to provide insight into the integration of renewables. Prior to joining NREL, he worked as a power systems modeling consultant in London, gaining expertise in production cost modeling and capacity expansion modeling. Previously, he worked in the Electricity National Control Room for the Great British transmission network operator, where he contributed to the introduction of wind power visualization, during increasing penetration of wind power.

Featured Publications

Transforming the U.S. Market with a New Application of Ternary-Type Pumped-Storage Hydropower Technology, HydroVision International (2018)

The combined value of wind and solar power forecasting improvements and electricity storage, Applied Energy (2018)

Evaluating the Impact of the 2017 Solar Eclipse on U.S. Western Interconnection Operations, NREL Technical Report (2018)

Preliminary Findings of the South Africa Power System Capacity Expansion and Operational Model Study, South African Wind Energy Association's WindAc Africa (2017)

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