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Photo of David Young.

David Young

Senior Scientist | 303-384-6621

Dr. David Young is a senior scientist in the High Efficiency Crystalline PV group in the Materials Applications & Performance center at NREL. He received his Ph.D. in applied physics from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, under the guidance of Professor Reuben Collins and Dr. Timothy Coutts. Since joining NREL, Young has worked on transport properties in transparent conducting oxides, thin-film tandem solar cells, epitaxial thin-film silicon solar cells, the Method of Four Coefficients for measuring effective masses in thin-film materials, and a real-time quantum efficiency measurement system marketed under the name FlashQE™.

Research Interests

New, passivated contacts to n-type silicon solar cells using tunneling oxides and wide bandgap semiconductors

Low-cost, hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) growth of III-V materials for high-efficiency 1-sun to low-concentration solar cell applications

III-Vs on Si tandem solar cells.

Featured Publications

Young, D.L., W. Nemeth, S. Grover, A. Norman, H.-C. Yuan, B.G. Lee, V. LaSalvia, and P. Stradins. Carrier selective, passivated contacts for high efficiency silicon solar cells based on transparent conducting oxides in SiliconPV 2014. 2014. s'-Hertogenbosch: Energy Procedia.

Schulte, K.L., W. Rance, R. Reedy, T.F. Kuech, A.J. Ptak, and D.L. Young, Controlled formation of GaAs P-N Junctions During Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaAs. Journal of crystal growth, 2011.

Timothy, J.C., D.L. Young, and T.A. Gessert, Modeling, Characterization, and Properties of Transparent conducting oxides. Handbook of Transparent Conductors, ed. D.S. Ginley, H. Hosono, and D.C. Paine. 2010, New York: Springer.

Alberi, K., I.T. Martin, M. Shub, C.W. Teplin, Manuel J. Romero, R.C. Reedy, E. Iwaniczko, A. Duda, P. Stradins, H.M. Branz, and D.L. Young, Material quality requirements for efficient epitaxial film silicon solar cells. APL, 2010. 96: p. 073502.

Young, D.L., B. Egaas, S. Pinegar, and P. Stradins. A new real-time quantum efficiency measurement system. in 33rd IEEE PVSC 2008. San Diego, CA: IEEE.

Young, D.L., J. Keane, A. Duda, J.A.M. AbuShama, C.L. Perkins, M. Romero, and R. Noufi, Improved Performance in ZnO/CdS/CuGaSe2 Thin-Film Solar Cells. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2003. 11(8): p. 535-541.

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