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Photo of Dave Bielen

Dave Bielen

Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst | 303-275-4921

Dave Bielen is a member of the Forecasting & Modeling Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Areas of Expertise

Environmental policy design
Dynamic programming
Time series and microeconometric analysis

Research Interests

Distributional impact analysis of environmental and energy policy
GHG emissions mitigation in the electricity and transportation sectors
Optimal control of local air pollutants


Ph.D. in economics, Duke University, 2015
M.A. in economics, Duke University, 2011
B.S. in economics, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

Prior Work Experience

Research Assistant, Duke University, Durham, NC (2010–2015)
Instructor, Duke University, Durham, NC (2012)

Other Affiliations

Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
American Economic Association (AEA)

Featured Publications

Bielen, David A. "Do differentiated standards help coal? CO2 policy in the U.S. electricity sector." Nicholas Institute Working Paper Series no. EE 14-12 (2015).

Bielen, David A., Richard G. Newell, and William A. Pizer. "Who did the ethanol tax credit benefit? An event analysis of subsidy incidence." National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper Series no. 21968 (February 2016).

Bielen, David A., and Andrew J. Yates. "Optimal regulation of pollution with stochastic exposure and acute and chronic damages." Mimeo (February 2016).