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Photo of Daniel A. Ruddy

Daniel Ruddy

Inorganic and Materials Chemist, Sr. Scientist | 303-384-6322

Research Interests

  • Inorganic chemistry and catalysis

  • New synthetic pathways to functional materials

  • Renewable fuels production and processes

  • Biomass conversion catalysis

Areas of Expertise

Dan received a Ph.D. degree in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008. His doctoral research combined synthetic molecular and materials chemistry with detailed characterization and performance testing of novel heterogeneous catalysts. He then worked on a variety of catalyst development projects at the Dow Chemical Company in the Renewable Feedstocks & Process Catalysis Group before joining the Chemistry and Nanoscience Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in 2010. Ruddy's research at NREL integrates the synthesis and characterization of functional molecules and materials to enable advanced renewable fuels production and related energy technologies. Areas of expertise include:

  • Inorganic molecular and materials synthesis and characterization

  • Molecular precursor approaches to nano- and meso-scale materials

  • Compositional and morphological control

  • Surface chemistry

  • Catalysis science

    • Heterogeneous catalyst design and synthesis

    • Zeolite synthesis and modification

  • Electrocatalysis and photocatalysis

  • In-situ and operando characterization techniques


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 2008

  • B.S., Chemistry, Lafayette College, 2003

Professional Experience

  • Staff Scientist, Chemistry and Nanoscience Center, NREL, 2011–present

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher - NREL, Chemistry and Nanoscience Center, 20102011

  • Senior Chemist, The Dow Chemical Company, 20082009


  1. "Catalysts and methods for converting carbonaceous materials into fuels," U.S. Patent No. 14/731,673 (pending 2015)

Featured Publications

  1. "Conversion of dimethyl ether to 2,2,3-trimethylbutane over a Cu/BEA catalyst: Role of Cu sites in hydrogen incorporation," ACS Catalysis (2015)


  1. "Structure-Function Relationships for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation by Molecular [Mn12O12] Clusters," Inorganic Chemistry (2015)


  1. "Recent advances in heterogeneous catalysts for bio-oil upgrading via 'ex situ catalytic fast pyrolysis': Catalyst development through the study of model compounds," Green Chemistry (2014)


  1. "Non-aqueous Thermolytic Route to Oxynitride Photomaterials using Molecular Precursors Ti(OtBu)4 and NMo(OtBu)3," Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2013)


Additional Publications

  1. "Synthesis, Optical, and Photocatalytic Properties of Cobalt Mixed-Metal Spinel Oxides Co(Al1-xGax)2O4," Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2015)

  2. "Deactivation and Stability of K-CoMoSx Mixed Alcohol Synthesis Catalysts," Journal of Catalysis (2014)

  3. "Surface Chemistry Exchange of Alloyed Germanium Nanocrystals: A Pathway Toward Conductive Group IV Nanocrystal Films," The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2013)

  4. "Control of PbSe Quantum Dot Surface Chemistry and Photophysics Using an Alkylselenide Ligand," ACS Nano (2012)

  5. "Size and Bandgap Control in the Solution-Phase Synthesis of Near-Infrared-Emitting Germanium Nanocrystals," ACS Nano (2010)

  6. "Site-Isolated Pt-SBA15 Materials from Tris(tert-butoxy)siloxy Complexes of Pt(II) and Pt(IV)," Chemistry of Materials (2008)

  7. "Kinetics and Mechanism of Olefin Epoxidation with Aqueous H2O2 and a Highly Selective Surface-Modified TaSBA15 Heterogeneous Catalyst," Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008)

  8. "Highly Selective Olefin Epoxidation with Aqueous H2O2 over Surface-modified TaSBA15 Prepared via the TMP Method," Chemical Communications (2007)

  9. "Thermolytic Molecular Precursor Route to Site-isolated Vanadia–silica Materials and their Catalytic Performance in Methane Selective Oxidation," Journal of Catalysis (2006)

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