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Dane Christensen

Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering
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Dane Christensen leads a team of energy geeks at NREL, focusing on transformational data, control, and integration for sensors, analytics, appliances, homes, buildings, and communities. Dr. Christensen joined NREL in 2008 with a goal to optimize buildings for their installed environment, software platforms for community-scale sustainability, and next-generation energy management algorithms and systems. He and his team perform hands-on demonstrations of prototype and product alikein laboratories such as NRELs Systems Performance Laboratory and in real-world homes and buildingsto confirm product performance, understand and overcome failure modes, and verify positive impacts such as enhanced comfort, convenience, utility costs, ancillary services, and environmental benefits. Dr. Christensen has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications, three issued patents, and numerous software copyrights, patents pending, and other innovative ventures.

Prior to joining NREL, Dr. Christensen worked at Atec, Inc., designing test and support equipment for turboshaft engines.

Research Interests

Building-grid integration and transactive controls

Data-driven automation and analytics

Energy blockchain applications


Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, University of California, Berkeley

B.S. in mechanical engineering, Rice University

Featured Publications

Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Demand Response in a Home Energy Management System, 2018 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2018)

foresee: A User-Centric Home Energy Management System for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response, Applied Energy (2017)

Economic Sizing of Batteries for the Smart Home, 2018 International High-Performance Buildings Conference (2018)

Electric Energy Management in the Smart Home: Perspectives on Enabling Technologies and Consumer Behavior, Proceedings of the IEEE (2013)

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