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Photo of Chunmei Ban

Chunmei Ban

Researcher V-Chemistry | 303-384-6504

Chunmei Ban is a senior scientist at NREL. Her Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Binghamton focused on Materials Science and was supervised by Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham.

During the past 10 years, Chunmei has worked on a variety of electrochemical energy storage systems, including lithium-ion batteries, lithium-air batteries, organic radical batteries, and magnesium-ion batteries. The focus of her current research is developing functional materials including composite, hybrid, and nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage systems.

During her research work at NREL, Chunmei has published more than 40 papers in prestigious journals and has been invited to present her research at universities and international conferences, including the Materials Research Society and American Chemistry Society. Since 2010, she has been a principal investigator on DOE-awarded projects.

Research Interests

Progress toward a commercially viable silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries has been impeded by silicon’s rapid capacity fade caused by large volumetric expansion and unstable solid-electrolyte interphases. This study focuses on developing unique coating chemistries to stabilize the surface of silicon electrodes via molecular layer deposition (MLD), as well as to accommodate volume changes during electrochemical reactions. This research elucidates the significance of surface modification for high-energy battery materials with large volume changes, and also provides information for a new design of surface coatings for electrode materials, with the aim of achieving durable, high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries.


Ph.D. Chemistry, State University of New York at Binghamton 

M.S. Electrochemistry, Tianjin University, China 

B.A. Electrochemistry, Tianjin University, China

Featured Publications

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