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Christine English

Senior Scientist | 303-384-7462

Christine English is a member of the Systems Engineering and Program Integration Group in the Strategic Energy Analysis Center.

Areas of Expertise

Validation of bio-based renewable energy technologies
Technical analysis of new technologies, barriers and challenges facing sustainable and affordable biofuels
Proposal review, Project Management, and Process improvement
Strategic Planning

Research Interests

Production, conversion, and logistics of algal biofuels research
Development of commercially viable technologies for converting terrestrial biomass feedstocks into finished liquid transportation fuels such as renewable gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, as well as bioproducts or chemical intermediates and biopower.
Facilitation of data-driven project and portfolio management decisions


Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, The University of Colorado, Denver, CO, 2006

B.S. in Chemistry, The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH 2001

Prior Work Experience

Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Systems Engineering and Program Integration Office, Golden, CO (2014–present)
Navarro Research and Engineering and CNJV, Department of Energy (DOE) Energy’s Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO), Golden, CO (2009–2014)
– Technical Advisor (September 2013–October 2014)
– Principal Scientist I (June 2011–September 2013)
– Senior Project Scientist (August 2009–June 2011)
Post-doctoral position, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, 2007–2009

Featured Publications

English, C.M., Eckert, C., Brown, K., King, P., and Siebert, M. (2009). Recombinant and in vitro Expression Systems for Hydrogenases: New Frontiers in Basic and Applied Studies for Biological and Synthetic H2 Production. Dalton Transactions, 45, 9970-9978.

Adkins, M. W., Carson, J. J., English, C. M., Ramey, J. C. and Tyler, J. K. (2007). The Histone Chaperone Anti-Silencing Function 1 Stimulates the Acetylation of Newly Synthesized Histone H3 in S-Phase. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 12, 1334-1340.

English, C.M., Adkins, M.W., Churchill, M.E.A., and Tyler, J.K. (2006). Structural Basis for the Histone Chaperone Activity of Asf1. Cell, 127, 495-508.

English, C.M., Maluf, N.K., Tripet, B., Churchill, M.E.A., and Tyler, J.K. (2005). The Histone Chaperone Anti-Silencing Function 1 Binds to an H3-H4 Heterodimer: A Two-step Mechanism for the Assembly of the H3-H4 Heterotetramer on DNA. Biochemistry, 44, 13673-13682.