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Research Interests

Scientific Project Management

Amie Sluiter manages projects from exploratory science with industrial partners to multimillion dollar, cross-laboratory U.S. Department of Energy research projects. Excellent technical writing skills, as well as written and verbal communication skills, make these endeavors enjoyable and successful for her. She is well versed in all aspects of project management, from planning and change control, to managing personnel and technical oversight. She is highly organized, with a technical background that lends itself to project participation and technical monitoring.

Biofuels Sample Characterization

Amie began research in the biofuels field in 1996. She has extensive experience in wet chemical analysis, method development, and data quality review. She joined the Biomass Analysis Technologies team at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to provide compositional analysis data on biomass feedstocks and process intermediates for use in pretreatment models and techno-economic analyses. Amie has investigated a number of biomass analysis methods and is primary author on 11 Laboratory Analytical Procedures, which are extensively used worldwide. She has taught full biomass compositional analysis procedures to both internal and external colleagues, including international partners. Amie has created calculation spreadsheets to facilitate the hundreds of calculations involved in summative mass closure analysis.

Near Infrared Predictive Modeling

Amie is responsible for the creation and maintenance of many of NREL's rapid near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic analysis methods. These methods allow analysts to predict the composition of feedstock and process intermediates at a significant time and cost reduction compared with traditional wet chemical analyses. Amie evaluates wet chemical analyses on a number of biomass feedstock and intermediate types, and she creates projection to latent structures and principal component analysis (PCA) NIR models to predict constituent values. She has published a number of these models, and they range from mature to exploratory.


  • B.S., Mathematics, Regis University (cum laude)

  • B.S., Chemistry, Regis University (cum laude)

  • Project Management Professional, PMI

Professional Experience

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado

    • Senior Scientist and Project Manager, 2016–present

    • Manager, Biomass Analysis Technologies Team, 2012–2016

    • Scientist, 2002–2012

    • Staff Scientist, 1996–2002


  1. "Process for the conversion of an aqueous biomass hydrolyzate into fuels or chemicals by the selective removal of fermentation inhibitors," U.S. Patent No. 6,737,258 (2002)

Featured Publications

  1. "Improved methods for the determination of drying conditions and fraction insoluble solids (FIS) in biomass pretreatment slurry," Biomass and Bioenergy (2016)

  2. "Near infrared calibration models for pretreated corn stover slurry solids, isolated and in situ," Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (2016)

  3. "Long-term variability in sugarcane bagasse feedstock compositional methods: sources and magnitude of analytical variability," Biotechnology for Biofuels (2016)

  4. "Chapter 8: Methods for Biomass Compositional Analysis," in Catalysis for the Conversion of Biomass and Its Derivatives (2013)

  5. "Compositional Analysis of Lignocellulosic Feedstocks 1: Review and Description of Methods," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2010)

  6. "Improved Multivariate Calibration Models for Corn Stover Feedstock and Dilute-Acid Pretreated Corn Stover," Cellulose (2009)

  7. "Assessing Corn Stover Composition and Sources of Variability via NIRS," Cellulose (2009)

  8. "Characterization, Genetic Variation, and Combining Ability of Maize Traits Relevant to the Production of Cellulosic Ethanol," Crop Science (2009)

  9. "Rapid Biomass Analysis - New Tools for Compositional Analysis of Corn Stover Feedstocks and Process Intermediates from Ethanol Production," Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2003)

  10. "Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Measure the Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Solid Wood," Wood Science and Technology (2004)

Laboratory Analytical Procedures

  1. Summative Mass Closure — Laboratory Analytical Procedure Review and Integration: Feedstocks, NREL Technical Report (2011)

  2. Summative Mass Closure — Laboratory Analytical Procedure Review and Integration: Pretreated Slurries, NREL Technical Report (2011)

  3. Preparation of Samples for Compositional Analysis: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP) (Revised), NREL Technical Report (2008)

  4. Determination of Protein Content in Biomass: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP) (Revised), NREL Technical Report (2008)

  5. Determination of Acid Soluble Lignin Concentration Curve by UV-Vis Spectroscopy: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP), NREL Technical Report (2008) (No longer available)

  6. Determination of Total Solids in Biomass and Total Dissolved Solids in Liquid Process Samples, NREL Technical Report (2008)

  7. Determination of Structural Carbohydrates and Lignin in Biomass, NREL Technical Report (2008)

  8. Determination of Insoluble Solids of Pretreated Biomass Material: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP), NREL Technical Report (2008)

  9. Determination of Extractives in Biomass: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP), NREL Technical Report (2008)

  10. Determination of Starch in Solid Biomass Samples by HPLC: Laboratory Analytical Procedure (LAP), NREL Technical Report (2008) (No longer available)

  11. Determination of Sugars, Byproducts, and Degradation Products in Liquid Fraction Process Samples, NREL Technical Report (2006)

  12. Determination of Ash in Biomass, NREL Technical Report (2005)

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