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Photo of Adele Tamboli.

Adele Tamboli

Scientist | 303-384-7223

Adele Tamboli's research focuses on photovoltaic materials and devices, including silicon-based tandem solar cells and novel epitaxial and thin-film absorber materials. As part of the High Efficiency Crystalline PV research group, Dr. Tamboli is involved in a variety of projects to advance PV efficiency while maintaining or improving upon the existing cost structure and proven reliability of silicon PV. Her current projects include direct growth of III-V materials on silicon, II-IV-V2 materials (e.g., ZnSiP2 and ZnSnN2), and group IV clathrates. Before joining NREL, Dr. Tamboli worked on Si and Si/III-V microwire array materials for photovoltaics and solar fuels, as well as III-nitride microcavity lasers and light-emitting diodes.


Research Assistant Professor, Physics, Colorado School of Mines, 2011-present

Postdoctoral Scholar, Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology, 2009-2011

Ph.D., Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2009

B.S., Physics, Harvey Mudd College, 2004

Featured Publications

Krishna, L.; Baranowski, L. L.; Martinez, A. D.; Koh, C. A.; Taylor, P. C.; Tamboli, A. C.; and Toberer, E. S. "Efficient Route To Phase Selective Synthesis of Type II Silicon Clathrates with Low Sodium Occupancy," CrystEngComm 16, 3940-3949 (2014) DOI

Baranowski, L. L.; Krishna, L.; Martinez, A. D.; Raharjo, T.; Stevanović, V.; Tamboli, A. C.; and Toberer, E. S. "Synthesis and Optical Band Gaps of Alloyed Si-Ge Type II Clathrates," J. Mat. Chem. C 2, 3231-3237 (2014) DOI

Krishna, L.; Martinez, A. D.; Baranowski, L. L.; Brawand, N. P.; Koh, C. A.; Stevanović, V.; Lusk, M. T.; Toberer, E. S.; and Tamboli, A. C. "Group IV Clathrates: Synthesis, Optoelectronic Properties, and Photovoltaic Applications," Proc. SPIE, paper #898108, (2014) DOI

Martinez, A. D.; Krishna, L.; Baranowski, L. L.; Lusk, M. T.; Toberer, E. S.; and Tamboli, A. C. "Synthesis of Group IV Clathrates for Photovoltaics," IEEE J. Photovolt. 3, 2156-3381 (2013) DOI

Tamboli, A. C.; Chen, C. T.; Warren, E. L.; Turner-Evans, D. B.; Kelzenberg, M. D.; Lewis, N. S.; and Atwater, H. A. "Wafer-Scale Growth of Silicon Microwire Arrays for Photovoltaics and Solar Fuel Generation," IEEE J. Photovolt. 2, 294-297 (2012) DOI

Strandwitz, N. C.; Turner-Evans, D. B.; Tamboli, A. C.; Chen, C. T.; Atwater, H. A.; and Lewis, N. S. "Photoelectrochemical Behavior of Planar and Microwire-Array Si|GaP Electrodes," Adv. Energy Mater. 2, 1109-1116 (2012) DOI

Tamboli, A. C.; Malhotra, M.; Kimball, G. M.; Turner-Evans, D. B.; and Atwater, H. A. "Conformal GaP Layers on Si Wire Arrays for Solar Energy Applications," Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 221914 (2010) DOI

Tamboli, A. C.; Hirai, A.; Nakamura, S.; DenBaars, S. P.; and Hu, E. L. "Photoelectrochemical Etching of p-type GaN Heterostructures," Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 151113 (2009) DOI

Tamboli, A. C.; Schmidt, M. C.; Rajan, S.; Speck, J. S.; Mishra, U. K.; DenBaars, S. P.; and Hu, E. L. "Smooth Top-Down Photoelectrochemical Etching of m-plane GaN," J. Electrochem. Soc. 156, H47-H51 (2009) DOI

Tamboli, A. C.; Haberer, E. D.; Sharma, R.; Lee, K. H.; Nakamura, S.; and Hu, E. L. "Room-Temperature Continuous-Wave Lasing in GaN/InGaN Microdisks," Nature Photon. 1, 61-64 (2007) DOI

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